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Stuttgart main station 2019 / 2020
field, train, announcement recordings
frequency modulations
tune: math.pow((3:2), (1:16))

listen to the full piece: 
let’s go inside the piece, listen to splitted parts and a reversed version:

one of the patches I built in OpenMusic for the synthesis of the sounds. 
I created an own tune where I only used fifths, splitted into 16 intervals.
(math.pow((3:2), (1:16)));

to make the strong static sinusoids more natural I also used some frequency modulation, here ist one of the patches I built in MAX/ MSP. 
There you can see that I also combined additive synthesis and FM. 

have a look inside my Logic project

the entire piece is inspired by recordings I made at the main station Stuttgart,
what is moving? Am I moving? Do things move around me? Am I standing still?